Food Services

Our friendly catering staff will prepare appetizing, well-balanced and nutritious meals. Meals are served home-style and lunch and dinner always include fresh vegetables or salad. Vegetarian options and other common dietary preferences and restrictions are cheerfully accommodated, as long as we are notified two weeks prior to your arrival.

Food Allergies

Evans Lake is a peanut/ tree nut aware facility, meaning we do not permit peanuts or tree nuts to come to camp, nor do we order these products. While we do not carry any nut items, our suppliers may provide us with products that ‘may contain traces‘ of nuts and therefore we cannot be completely nut-free.  Thank you for helping us to make our site peanut-free by refraining from bringing anything containing peanuts or tree nuts onto the property.

Allergies such as egg-free, gluten-free and other complex allergies should be communicated directly to the kitchen no less than two-weeks in advance.  Though the kitchen is happy and experienced enough to accomodate these special diets, depending on the severity/personal preferences of each guest, we reserve the right to charge additional fees or request that guests bring a pre-determined and discussed quanity of food to camp.  The kitchen must be notified of all special diets at least two weeks prior to arrival due to food ordering and menu planning.  This includes: vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, etc.  We are unable to guarantee accommodation of special diets declared within the two week window.

Menu Requests

Evans Lake does not encourage menu selection by groups due to meal planning practices to reduce food wastage.  Suggestions for returning guests, in regards to favourite meals, will be kept in mind in the planning of the menu.  Certain meals will not be available for groups that exceed certain numbers.  All/any menu requests must be communicated no less than two weeks prior to arrival in order for the kitchen to determine if it is possible.

Unless otherwise arranged, meal times are:
Breakfast 8:30 am        Lunch 12:30 pm         Dinner 5:30 pm

Let’s Eat!