Gaga Ball

New to Evans Lake this past year, this game has turned out to be a Camper Favourite.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and craft supplies are limited. We encourage guests to look around and use the natural resources around camp to create an authentic masterpiece.

Field Games

Our large waterfront field is a perfect place for sports of all kinds. We have equipment on hand for soccer, Frisbee, baseball, football and any other ball sport. You can also run a sport day with tug of war, three legged races etc.


The archery range is tucked up away from camp, a five-minute walk from cabin 8. Knock your arrow and become the next Robin Hood.


Scramble up to the side of a rock face to the top of Chimney Rock at the waters edge. In order to rock climb Evans Lake staff requires the assistance of 2-3 group leaders.


Glide along the water while standing atop of our paddleboards. This sport is easy to learn and a very peaceful way to explore the lake. During the afternoon when the water is still, you can see right to the bottom where the crayfish play.


Venture out on our canoes and explore the entire perimeter of Evans Lake. Have a look up to the top of the rockslide, paddle near the island and check out the shoreline where the river otter hangs out.


Our swim dock features two swimming areas. One area is off the beach and features a confined crib with a burling log. The other section opens onto the lake and is sectioned off with a buoy line.

Low Ropes Challenge Course

This new activity was installed in the summer of 2015. It is a series of suspended cables, ropes and platforms in which a small group of kids have to work together to complete the individual course challenge. Ideal for promoting teamwork and leadership skills.

Camp Games


A group leader goes and hides in the forest play area. The game begins, and the group has to find the group leader. Once someone finds the leader, they then sit and hide with them. This goes on until the whole group is hiding.


This field game involves two to four teams trying to steal one another’s stones from their pot. The teams have to protect their stones while traveling across to the other teams zone with out getting tagged.

Capture the Flag

The group is divided into two groups. Each team will have a team flag that they hide on their half of the forest. Teams must capture the other teams flag by using teamwork, stealth and speed.


This is an all time favorite game! The kids are divided into different roles within the food chain, such as herbivores and carnivores. Participants understand that all animals play roles within a predator/prey food web, and use various adaptive behaviors to survive.

Evening Activities


Each night there is a special activity to end the day, hot chocolate and cookies is the only thing that stays the same. Some nights the entire camp gathered around the fire at the waters edge. Songs are sung, echoes are heard, and stories are told. Other nights involve skits, night walks, talent shows, or individual cabin campfires. A perfect end to a perfect day!

Flashlight Tag

Who is afraid of the dark?

Scavenger Hunt

Cabins or small groups are given a list of items they must collect from their belongings or in the forest within a specified period of time. The team with the most items, and most creative items will win.


A camp favorite! Campers will be divided into cabin groups to create a short skit and entertain the other camp groups. Skits can be original pieces, air bands or classic stories told year after year.