One-On-One Inclusion Support Program

Evans Lake is pleased to share that we are launching our One-on-one Inclusion Support Program for summer 2023.  The One-on-one Inclusion Support Program will assist campers with physical and developmental disabilities who require one-on-one support to access our camp experience.  This program furthers Evans Lake’s mission of being Your Home in the Forest and we look forward to connecting with interested families to answer questions about the program.  To learn more, please reach out to us at to start a conversation about this limited-capacity program! 

When we speak, our goal will be to get to know your camper a bit better, and learn how we can best support them to have a great time at camp.  We’ll ask questions like:

  • Tell us a bit about your camper, what are their likes and dislikes? What makes them such an awesome kid? What do you want us to know before we know anything else about them?
  • How does your camper communicate?
  • What supports does your camper receive at school?
  • Are there any areas of personal care (toileting, showering, getting dressed, etc.) that your camper need support with?
  • What are some of your camper’s favorite activities?

Our One-one-one Inclusion Support Program team will review your camper’s specific needs to ensure our team’s skills and training are a good match.  Answers will be kept confidential and only relevant information will be shared with your camper’s cabin leader so they can best support them throughout the week.  As needed, we will be available as you prepare for the camp experience to make sure your questions are answered and we are all prepared for summer camp!

To offset some of the costs of this specialized program, the One-one-one Inclusion Support Program has a Support Fee in addition to the standard camp fees.  As with other camp fees, families are able to apply for our Campership Program (fee subsidy) if the fees present a barrier to attending camp.  The Support Fee is $60/day of camp.  For Overnight Camp, the total Support Fee is $360 (for a 6-day Overnight Camp).  For Day Camp, the total Support Fee is $300 (for a 5-day Day Camp), or $240 (for a 4-day Day Camp).

Any questions, please email