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Camp Programs (8-16 yrs)


Evans Lake is remote, yet accessible, unspoiled, pristine, mountain co-ed summer camp for kids and youth ages 8-16. Our fun and educational Summer and Winter Camp programs balance opportunities for learning with ample time for play and adventure! A core belief of Evans Lake, is that you leave our camp with a deeper knowledge and admiration of the forest and the environment that surrounds us. One of the best ways to learn is by having fun and getting your hands dirty. Daily programming is held in the forest and includes stream rehabilitation, shelter building, erosion reduction, animal conservation, and general forest management.

Finally, if your chosen session is full, we encourage you to add your name to the waitlist, as spots do open up leading up to camp. Please email us with your name, your child’s name, child’s gender, the session name, your phone number and email address. We will be sure to add their name to the waitlist and call you once a spot becomes available.  (Please note, we will only call if a space opens up.)


Experience Like No Other’ -Evans Lake Winter Camp

For those of you who haven’t been before, Evans Lake Winter Camp is an awesome opportunity to re-connect with friends from the summer and also meet new ones. While the overall format of the camp is very similar to summer camp, there is a whole bunch of new activities to explore. Evans Lake’s Winter Camp Activities include (depending on weather)  sledding, building enormous snow creatures and snowshoeing.  This program is an all ages camp for kids aged 8-16. All the cabins and buildings are fully winterized with heating and insulation.  If the lake is not frozen, we will even do a Polar Bear Swim. Don’t worry, we have the fire burning in the rec. hall to warm them up after!

Youth Camp (Ages 8-12 yrs)
Junior Teen (10-14 yrs)
Teen Camp (13-16 yrs)
OAK (13-16 yrs)
Leadership (14-16 yrs)

"Summer the Way It Should Be"

Day one of our 6-day Youth Camp at Evans Lake Summer Camp, is all about getting you ready, because this much fun can be a shock to the system. Expect cabin team-building, a whirlwind tour where you’ll start to learn the secrets of Evans Lake, an intro to all Evans Lake activities, and one huge camp-wide game that brings everyone together. The day ends around the campfire with stories, skits, songs, hot chocolate and homemade cookies, and that’s just the beginning of the week. The core of the Evans Lake Youth Camp is our Eco-Fun outdoor education program. You’ll learn about the wonders of the forest, outdoor survival skills and learn how to paddle a canoe (to name a few). Eco-fun is awesome, but it’s not all we get up to! Six days at Evans Lake also means cabin vs. cabin competitions, giant camp classic games like Stones on the field; and Capture the Flag & Survival in the forest. We also do day hikes to Levette Lake, Copperbush Pond, Pink Falls and Frog Hollow. Plus there is swimming in our very own fresh water lake, canoeing, paddle-boarding, rock-climbing, archery, theme days, skits and songs. We’ve even got an optional offsite river float trip. It all adds up to a week of ‘Summer the Way it Should Be.’

River Float - Optional Add On

New to Evans Lake Summer Camp in 2017, is a class 1 & 2 River Float. Campers registered for the river float will begin their adventure with a full safety orientation and a gear-fitting before travelling a short distance to the river entry point. The experienced guides will familiarize the group with the pristine Cheakamus river before commencing the float down the class 1 & 2 river. This gentle and fun, scenic rafting adventure will feature small splashy rapids and will let you see the river like you’ve never seen it before! This trip is geared towards families and children.

"Unforgettable Summer"

Junior Teen Camp is 7 days that you’ll be talking about for the rest of the year, maybe even the rest of your life. Most kids only get two months of summer, but we’ve figured out a way to get more. At Evans Lake Summer Camp, we pack a week’s worth of fun into a single day. Hard to believe? In twenty-four hours you might find yourself mapping our forest’s most massive trees and shadowing spawning fish in our Eco Fun Program, in the lake or on it swimming or canoeing, tearing through the forest at top speed to escape with the other teams after capturing their flag, or stealthily moving through the underbrush in our trademark game, Survival. Evans Lake Talent Show, survival skills workshops, King Aroo Games, overnight hikes to entirely different lakes to build entirely warm campfires and roast entirely delicious marshmallows, and even an optional trip to a high-ropes course, we could go on forever. Seven days of Junior Teen Camp means seven days filled with seven weeks worth of fun.

Optional Add On - High Ropes Course (10-11)

The Junior Teen Camp kids will travel to Whistler for a one hour high ropes aerial adventure session. There are two courses available, based on ages and height. This ropes course is for kids 10 and 11 years of age. It is a fun and exciting junior course designed for the younger age group. Kids must be able to reach 140 cm. Please note, this trip does not go out at the same time as the 12-14 year old high ropes course trip.

Optional Add On - High Ropes Course (12-14)

The Junior Teen Camp kids will travel to Whistler for a one hour high ropes aerial adventure session. There are two courses available, based on ages and height. This is a challenging and exhilarating way to experience the forest using bridges, rope swings, tight ropes, monkey bars, and ziplines to name just a few. Must be 12 years old and able to reach 180 cm. Please note, this trip does not go out at the same time as the 10-11 year old high ropes course trip.

"Summer Unscripted"

Evans Lake Teen camp is summer camp at the next level. It is the culmination for many who have been coming to camp for years and a welcome place for your first, but not last, time at Evans Lake. For Eco Fun, our forest environment and outdoor recreation program, we’ll be ranging far and wide with our new GPS and Geo-Caching sessions, as well as classics like canoeing and our own cabin Olympics. How about massive games of camp classics like Capture The Flag and Survival? Oh yeah. Optional zip-lining trip? We’ve got one. What makes the Teen Camp experience unlike anything else offered at camp though, is that throughout the week campers are going to have a chance to take the reins and really drive where we’re going. Meals, Eco-fun, the day’s itinerary, the legendary Coffeehouse performances, you make the week what it is. We don’t know just what’s coming next, and left in the camper’s hands, things inevitably get a little crazy…. Join us for ‘Summer Unscripted’.

Zip-Lining, Optional Add On

The campers will travel to Whistler aboard the Evans Lake bus, for a invigorating zip-line adventure. This session features a series of 5 incredible zip-lines, joined by a network of boardwalks, suspension bridges and trails. The group will zip through old growth forest, traversing over steep cliffs and Fitzsimmons Creek.

Sea to Sky adventure - Elfin Lakes & Sea Safari

Evans Lake Summer Camp features three Outdoor Adventure Kamps (OAK) each summer. The Elfin Lakes & Sea Safari is a classic Sea-to-Sky experience! We’ll spend three days hiking the premier southern section of Garibaldi Provincial Park in and around Elfin Lakes, the Gargoyles, and the Bishop Glacier, before setting out for our adventure activity in Howe Sound: a jet-boat Sea Safari. On the safari, we can expect to see the seals of Pam Rocks, the bird sanctuary at Christie Island, and the towering cliffs of Anvil Island – all while cruising in style! This challenging OAK adventure combines all the elements, passion, hard work, team-building, adrenaline and accomplishment into one bundled 7-day ultimate camp experience.

Hiking & White Water Rafting - Panorama Ridge

Evans Lake Summer Camp features two Outdoor Adventure Kamp, (OAK) each summer. The Hiking & White Water Rafting session is camp combined with and 4-day out-trip into Garibaldi, and an extreme adventure activity: White Water Rafting. A small group of teens and Evans Lake Staff, embark on an adventure incorporating team-building, leadership and outdoor stewardship. Day one is all about getting to know your team and getting acquainted with the gear you’ll take into Garibaldi Provincial Park’s world-class terrain. Once you’re out there, whether it’s resting on the shores of Garibaldi Lake, passing through the shadow of Black Tusk mountain, or setting foot atop Panorama Ridge, every view, every sense will be enriched by the personal accomplishments of conquering this challenging terrain. As a reward after the big hike, you’ll take on the white water rapids of the Elaho River. You’ll work together with your crew to navigate down through waters that emerge from the Pemberton Ice Fields and end in Howe Sound. This challenging OAK adventure combines passion, hard work, team-building, adrenaline and accomplishment into one bundled 7-day ultimate camp experience.

***NOTE: Campers must be 13 years old at camp, to participate in the White Water Rafting Activity.

Paddling Trip - Anderson & Seton Lake

Evans Lake’s Outdoor Adventure Kamp, (OAK), is camp combined with and 3-day out-trip to Anderson Lake and Seton Lake, for an extreme paddle adventure. This small group of teens and Evans Lake Staff, embark on a long distance canoe adventure, incorporating water skills, team-building, leadership and outdoor stewardship. Experienced paddlers and newbies alike will spend their first two days at camp undergoing Canoe Boot Camp, and will test their skills on Day 2 at the River of Golden Dreams. From basic strokes, to canoe-over-canoe rescue, by the time it’s done everyone will feel at home on the water. Packed and trained, the OAK team will convoy up to the Pemberton region to begin their three-day adventure, canoeing through narrow lakes nestled between amazing peaks. You will set up camp beside glacial-fed waters, shoulder your canoe with friends as you portage through beautiful terrain, and enjoy the comfort of a campfire under the stars away from it all.

*Please Note: Canoeing destination subject to change depending on several factors including weather conditions and group ability.

"Tomorrow's Leaders"

Evans Lake Summer Camp’s Leadership program is for campers who are interested in developing their leadership skills, while enjoying summer camp at the Evans Lake. We are proud to offer two different Leadership programs this summer, taught by our dedicated Leadership Instructors. Both programs focus on communication skills, growing self-confidence in yourself and others, event planning, self-reflection and team dynamics. There is also opportunity throughout the week to work alongside counselors and their cabin group. Our Leadership program is divided into two distinct courses, Leadership Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Team-building Skills. These two courses can be completed in any order to receive the Evans Lake Leadership Certificate. Program Topics Include: Group processes: what is a leader, leader roles and group dynamics. Self-Awareness: values, goal setting and evaluating Communication: expression, body language and listening Planning: problem solving, delegation and motivation Safety: assessment, forethought and physical and emotional danger recognition. Interpersonal Skills: trust, honesty, inclusion and positive reinforcement. Stress: identification, cause, coping and prevention Entertaining: songs, stories and games

A) Leadership Interpersonal Skills

Leadership A focuses on communication and teaching styles. You’ll split your time between leadership sessions with the Instructor and time in a cabin observing the dynamics between the campers, as well as between the campers and their cabin leader. You’ll gain experience by working alongside the cabin leader in providing support for the cabin. The insights you gain will help you when it comes time to plan, coordinate and execute the Evans Lake Aroo Games, an afternoon where the camp’s programming is run by our Leadership Team.

B) Leadership Team-Building Skills

A leader is only as good as the team he or she can assemble around them. In Leadership B, you will focus on teambuilding, team development and leadership in action. Get ready to get your hands dirty as you strengthen the bonds between you and your fellow leaders-in-training with an offsite expedition where you will rely on each other to make it to the finish. You’ll report back regularly to your Leadership Instructor as you integrate yourself with one cabin and build rapports with the campers. These relationships will help you ultimately take charge of the cabin when you lead them through the final day’s Aroo-Games. The Leadership Program is often the first step toward volunteer and staff positions at Evans Lake. Space for this program is extremely limited, make sure you register early!

Summer Registration

*GST Additional

Camp# Dates Length Camp Program Fee
1 Jul 03 - 08 6 Junior Teen Camp (10-14 yrs) $686
2 Jul 10 - 15 6 Youth Camp (8-12 yrs) $686
2 Jul 10 - 15 6 Leadership Camp A (14-16 yrs) $767
3 Jul 17 - 22 6 Junior Teen Camp (10-14 yrs) $686
3 Jul 17 - 22 6 OAK- Garibaldi Hike & White Water Rafting (13-16 yrs) $835
4 Jul 24 - 29 6 Youth Camp (8-12 yrs) $686
4 Jul 24 - 29 6 Leadership B (14-16 yrs) $767
5 Jul 31 - Aug 05 6 Youth Camp (8-12 yrs) $686
5 Jul 31 - Aug 05 6 Leadership Camp A (14-16 yrs) $767
6 Aug 07 - Aug 12 6 Teen Camp (13-16 yrs) $686
6 Aug 07 - Aug 12 6 OAK- Elfin Lake Hike & Sea Safari (13-16 yrs) $775
7 Aug 14 - Aug 19 6 Junior Teen Camp (10-14 yrs) $686
7 Aug 14 - Aug 19 6 OAK- Garibaldi Hike & Zip-lining (13-16 yrs) $820
8 Aug 21 - Aug 26 6 Youth Camp (8-12 yrs) $686
8 Aug 21 - Aug 26 6 Leadership B (14-16 yrs) $767
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Cancellation Policy

More than 30 days notice: Campers unable to attend a session for any reason will receive a refund, less a $50 administration fee.
Less than 30 days notice: We will attempt to refill your spot from our waiting list and, if we are successful, you will receive a refund less the $50 administration fee. Otherwise no refund is available.
Medical Reason with Doctor’s Certificate: Full refund or credit toward another session. NB-Campers can transfer from one session to another (if space is available) for no additional fee with 10 days notice.
No Refund: There will be no refund made for any camper leaving camp due to homesickness, arriving late or leaving early. No refund will be available for campers dismissed from camp for breaching camp rules. In the event a camper leaves due to injury or illness, a partial refund may apply.
Optional Activity- Cancellation Policy This refund policy applies to the river rafting, high ropes and zip-line optional activities:

More than 7 days notice: Campers unable/not willing to participate in the optional activity session for any reason will receive a refund.
Less than 7 days notice: We will attempt to refill your spot from our waiting list and, if we are successful, you will receive a refund. Otherwise no refund is available.

Winter Registration

*GST Additional

Camp# Dates Length Camp Program Fee
- Dec 27 - 30, 2021 4 All Ages Camp (8 - 16 yrs) $375