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Staff Photo 2014

Meet the 2016 Program Staff Team

Cam – Instructor, LifeguardCam 2014

Camp has been a huge part of my life over the past 11 years. Whether I was waiting all year to come for one week as a camper or spending a whole summer living here as a cabin leader I always felt at home. I love how camp is a place where you make life-long friendships and  create memories for years to come. My favourite thing about camp is the silly, crazy, wild themes, forest games, and of course swimming!!

Clara – Instructor, First Aid Attendant

I’ve been a cabin leader at camp for the past two years and couldn’t be more excited for my new role as an instructor! What I love about camp is how everyone is so inclusive, which means its super easy to make new friends. My all time favourite activities are checking out the stars on overnight hikes and dressing up for themed meals. 

Dugie – Instructor, First Aid AttendantPhoto

This is my first year at Evans Lake and I am soooo stoked to start working!! I’ve always wanted to work at an outdoor camp because of the atmosphere. I just love doing stuff outside and being with people. I just can’t wait to do a whole bunch of fun stuff with a lot of fun people, and there is nothing better than to be outside and in nature for your entire West Coast summer!

Josh – Instructor, Lifeguard, Leadership InstructorIMG_1513

I have been spending my summers at Evans Lake for ten years and I have always thought of it as my second home. I love how anyone from anywhere can come to Evans Lake and find great friends to share great memories with. My favourite camp activities include playing guitar by the lake and swimming after a forest game on a hot sunny day.

Kathryn – Volunteer CoordinatorFullSizeRender

This is my sixteenth summer at Evans Lake and there is a reason why I can’t stay away. I have grown up singing by the campfire, making friendships that will last a lifetime, dressing up in crazy costumes and having late night cabin chats for as long as I can remember. You will find the volunteers and I swinging from tree to tree as we work together to keep camp in pristine condition.

Kana – Instructor, First Aid AttendantKana 2016

I’ve been going to Evans Lake for 8 years now and I consider it my home away from home! I love the enthusiastic and inclusive atmosphere that camp provides, and the beautiful location. I love theme lunches, watching everyone jamming out to some great music, and seeing everyone’s goofy side come out in all the awesome costumes!

Lindsay – Instructor, First Aid AttendantLindsay 2014

I’ve been going to Evans Lake for ten years, and this is my first summer as a first aid instructor. I absolutely love the sense of community and friendliness around camp! My favourite camp activity is a toss-up between dressing up in ridiculous costumes for themed meals and stargazing on overnight hikes.

Sam – Instructor, Lifeguard

This is my fourth summer at Evans Lake and I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this ultimate summer camp experience with the campers and amazing staff! My favourite part of camp is a toss up between campfire songs and stargazing

Sam – Instructor, First Aid

Brandon – Cabin Leader075_Brandon.Linford.Randell.Walton.Photography.2015_150919

Hi! I’m Brandon, a funny music loving snowboarder who loves the wilderness and adventuring with kids. My favourite part of camp is getting stoked on life and seeing new campers adopt a similar attitude over the course of the week. See you at the lake!

Henry – Cabin LeaderHenry 2016

Hey guys! I’m Henry, a first year cabin leader that is super excited to have the best summer ever. I have been going to camp since I was 7 – and the first year I went to camp, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my summers up there. When I’m not at camp, I’m at the rugby field, at the track, or thinking about camp. 

Lucas – Cabin LeaderLucas 2016

I have been part of Evans lake for the last 10 years and I was fortunate enough to return this year as a cabin leader. Evans Lake honestly has the best atmosphere when it comes to just bringing kids and staff together, never have I been in one place where you learn the names of 80 people in just one week. My favourite camp activity has to be a good game of stones, nothing gets you ready for camp then the fun and crazy environment like a game of stones!

Regan – Cabin LeaderRegan Oey headshot

This will be my first year going to Evans Lake as a Cabin Leader. When I came here as a camper with my school I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful environment and rad people who worked there! I love that everyone had a smile on their face and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. My favourite thing about Evans Lake is their nature walks – I think their forest is the best place to find a calm place to learn and connect with the environment!

Riley – Cabin Leader13173184_1007545165998285_1289325533586318541_o

I was a camper at Evans Lake for 6 years, and now I’m super excited to be working here this year as a cabin leader! One of the things I love about camp is how quickly you can make new friends. When I tell my friends about my time at camp, I always talk about the overnight hike first, because it is so much fun being able to experience all of the beautiful scenery BC has to offer.

Sam – Cabin LeaderSam N 2016

Last year, I worked at camp as a Cabin Leader, and I couldn’t be more excited to return. I’ve been a camper since I was 8 years old, and getting to meet awesome people is what brings me back every summer. My favourite thing to do at Evans Lake is to go for a swim on a hot day. 

Gabrielle – Cabin LeaderGabs 2016

I have been coming back to camp each summer since I was nine years old and I am beyond excited to be back this summer counselling for my first time! When I’m not at camp, you can find me dancing or up at Whistler skiing! My favourite thing about Evans Lake is themed overnight hikes and canoeing! 

Jasmin – Cabin LeaderScreen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.09.41 PM

I started coming to Evans Lake in 2010 and I haven’t been able to leave since. From the beautiful lake to the enormous forest, Evans Lake is my second home. My favourite part of camp is the feeling of family that everyone provides. I love hiking (especially the up and over), swimming, and dressing up in crazy costumes for themed meals.

Kaci – Cabin LeaderKaci 2016

I have had the pleasure of attending Evans Lake for the past four years – the last year being my first time on the staff team. When I’m not at camp, I’m hiking, skiing, or on the track playing roller derby. I am an avid outdoors person, so the camp life is the life for me! My favourite part about camp is meeting all the campers and hearing the stories they have to tell!

Katherine – Cabin Leader13214909_1734364266845475_1062221740_o

Thanks to the fun and amazing people I get to hang out with all summer at Evans Lake, I have decided to come back to camp for my second year as a cabin leader. Inclusiveness is one of camp’s top priorities and I love seeing campers and staff making new friends every day. My favourite activities are rock climbing and trying to solve riddles during hikes.

Teagan – Cabin LeaderPic for EL

I’ve been going to Evans Lake since I was 12 years old and when I’m not at camp, I dream about going back. Summer camp is the absolute best experience and I am excited to make new friends and meet people with the same interests as myself – rock climbing, canoeing, nature and bracelet making! I especially look forward to going for a morning swim to wake up and playing the legendary forest game, Survival. Let’s share some smiles, stories, and memories this summer.

Temma – Cabin Leader temma_staffphoto

This is my first summer working at Evans Lake, and I’m so excited for camp to start! I love playing games outside and exploring the forest, and I’m looking forward to being at an overnight camp where we can have a maximum amount of fun over the week! I’m especially stoked to go on hikes and hang out at the lake. My favourite part of camp is how quickly new friendships are made over a week of sharing stories, camp activities, and outdoor adventures.

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