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Meet the 2017 Program Staff Team

Here are some of the team members!  More to come soon. 

Mollie – Program Manager

I have been with Evans Lake since January and I am so excited for my first summer camp season. Nature and environmental education inspired me to join our team and I am thrilled by our welcoming, supportive, and adventurous camp community. My summers are usually full of camp fires, swimming (or pretending to be a mermaid), hiking, riding, reading, camping, and eating still-dirty green beans from the garden. I love learning about what makes others happy and I cannot wait to laugh with you in the forest.

Josh – Assistant Program Manager

Since my first experience as a summer camper in 2007, the atmosphere, people, and beautiful scenery of Evans Lake has always brought me back. This with be my fifth staff season, and I am extremely excited to hold a new leadership position. I want to ensure that every camper enjoys our site and all our incredible activities, while making memories that will last a lifetime. Camp is a safe place where one can learn all there is to know about our British Columbian forests and have a blast at the same time.

Cam – Volunteer Coordinator

Way back in 2007, I came to Evans Lake as a camper and I haven’t missed a summer since! Whether I was a camper, volunteer, Cabin Leader or Instructor, Evans Lake has been my summer home. Camp really is a place where you can make some of the closest friends imaginable. This year I am super excited to lead our stellar group of volunteers on a mission of making camp the best it can be! (And hopefully getting to sneak in and play a forest game or two).

Kana – InstructorKana 2016

This summer will be my 9th one at Evans Lake, so I can honestly say that it is my second home. I love working here and getting to see all of the amazing memories and friendships that everyone makes throughout the summer. I really love seeing all the enthusiasm and energy that the campers and staff put into all the games, especially the craziness that is the first game of Stones! I can’t wait to see you all up at the lake! 

Lucas – Instructor & OAKLucas 2016

This will be my eleventh year up at camp and I can honestly predict it with be just as great as every other year I’ve come. Evans Lake has always been a second home and I can’t get enough of its fun, energetic, and crazy atmosphere. As for my favourite activity, nothing beats that first day’s game of stones!

Katherine – Instructor

This is my fourth summer at Evans Lake, and I’m coming back this year as an Instructor. I’ve returned to Evans Lake year after year thanks to my fun and positive co-workers, as well as the camp loving kids that never cease to amaze me. My favourite camp activity is a canon ball competition down by the waterfront.

Temma – Instructor & LIT temma_staffphoto

This is my second summer at Evans Lake, and I’m looking forward to my new role as an instructor and LIT instructor! I love living in a place where running through the forest to find a pool noodle, searching for bugs, jumping in the water first thing in the morning, and wearing costumes to dinner are normal everyday activities, and I can’t wait for the craziness of camp to start again. My favourite part of camp is the overnight hikes- nothing’s better than falling asleep at a beautiful campsite listening to owl calls and smelling like campfire after a long day of hiking, swimming, and setting up camp.

Ryan – Instructor 

I am very much looking forward to my first summer at Evans Lake! There is something truly special about the natural environment here, and it is not hard to immediately feel at home when surrounded by so much natural beauty. There is endless opportunity for outdoor recreation in Squamish, and I can’t think of a better place than camp to find your passion and develop your skills. Overnight out-tripping at camp has got to be some of my most highly held memories—true adventure, education, and character building!

Elora – Instructor 

Hi everyone! This is my first summer at Evans Lake, but I have been working at camps all over Canada for three years. I can’t wait to spend the summer on the beautiful BC coast! Getting to live in the forest and meet amazing people is what makes camp my favourite place in the world. My favourite things to do at camp are have spontaneous dance parties, hug trees, and wear weird hats.

Ella – Instructor 

This will be my first experience of camp as I am coming all the way from Manchester in England. I might get a bit homesick, so I trust that my new camp buddies will keep me entertained 🙂  Back home you are most likely to find me making things and getting creative, climbing my local bouldering gym, or out walking with two excitable Labradors. I can’t wait to get outdoors, go exploring, and meet all of you wonderful Canadians!

Sam – Cabin LeaderSam N 2016

I have worked at Evans Lake as a Cabin Leader for two years now and I couldn’t be more excited to return! I’ve been a camper since I was 8 years old, and getting to meet awesome people is what brings me back every summer. My favourite thing to do at Evans Lake is to go for a swim on a hot day.  

Gabrielle – Cabin Leader

I have been after coming to camp since I was eight years old and this will now be my second year as a cabin leader! I am super excited to be back at camp for another summer of random dance parties, crazy themed meals, polar bear swims and so much more! When I’m not at camp you can find me skiing, hiking and dancing all around Squamish. See you at the lake!

Jasmin – Cabin Leader

My first time at Evans Lake was in 2010 with this being my 2nd year as a staff member. At camp I always feel at home whether I’m taking a dip in the lake or running around in the forest with friends. When I’m at Evans Lake my favourite thing to do is go on the beautiful hikes surrounding camp, exploring the unique ecosystems and making friends along the way.

Kaci – Cabin LeaderKaci 2016

I have had the pleasure of attending Evans Lake for 5 years, last year was my second year as a member of the staff team. When i am not at camp, I am hiking, skiing or on the track playing roller derby. I am an avid outdoors person so the camp life is the life for me. My favourite Evans Lake experience is meeting all the campers and hearing all the stories they have to tell! 

Teagan – Cabin Leader

This will be my second summer returning as a cabin leader and I am beyond excited! Summer camp has been the only way I have spent my summer for as long as I can remember and I cannot wait for all the rock climbing, riddles, forest games, hikes and lifelong friendships that this year will bring. Find me out in a canoe on the lake or making friendship bracelets in the shade and I will try my absolute best to make you smile! See you up at camp this summer!!

Cam – Cabin Leader

Hey! My name’s Cam. This is my eleventh summer at Evans Lake, and I couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of the amazing camp atmosphere! Evans Lake is one of the most inclusive places I’ve ever been to. I’ve created some lifetime friendships thanks to camp, and I can’t wait to make more! Themed hikes are one of my favourite parts about camp. If I’m not at Evans Lake, you can probably catch me singing some tunes or reading Harry Potter.

Kai – Cabin Leader

After being a vehement camper at Evans Lake for over seven years, I am super excited to be working my first summer as a cabin leader. I always loved the atmosphere at Evans Lake and the wonderful experiences that come with camp. My favourite camp activities include canoeing, hiking, forest games, and, of course, campfire

Ryan – Cabin Leader

Ever since I first arrived at Evans Lake a decade ago, I have loved everything this vibrant community has to offer. From heated riddle contests to serene afternoons by the water, my seven years as a camper are among my fondest memories. After a brief hiatus from Evans Lake, I am thrilled to be returning as a first time cabin leader! Outside of camp, you can find me on a potter’s wheel or, like every other cabin leader, soulfully playing acoustic guitar.

Aidan – Cabin Leader

This will be my second summer at Evans Lake. Last year I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Volunteer Work Crew, which was an amazing opportunity! I love how all the staff and campers are committed to enjoying time with each other. There are many activities that I enjoy at Evans Lake, so it is very hard to pinpoint just one, but I have fun relaxing in the evening and telling stories after a full day of non-stop fun activities.

Jacob – Cabin Leader

I’ve been coming to Evans Lake since I was eight years old. I love getting to know people through sharing stories and reliving awesome memories. The overnight hikes are my favourite part of any week at camp; nothing beats trekking through our beautiful forests with new friends!

Sarah – Cabin Leader

Ever since I was eight years old, camp has been my home away from home. After spending half my life as a camper, I am so lucky to come back this summer as a cabin leader! I love camp because the community and environment make me feel like I can be my true self. My favourite things to do at Evans Lake are jam out on my guitar on the field or make friendship bracelets during Rec Time (sometimes both at the same time)!

Ayela – Cabin Leader

This is my tenth year coming to Evans Lake, but my first as a Cabin Leader.  Camp is freeing and open and I love settling in with the day’s laughter and stories.  Besides the constant scrumptious food, my favourite thing about camp is the morning swims and the game “Stones.”

Liam – Cabin Leader

This is my first time being a Cabin Leader at Evans Lake, though last year I volunteered as part of the Volunteer Work Crew and I was a camper for 5 years before that! Camp has become like a second home to me over the years, and what a place to have as a second home! If I’m not at camp, I’ll likely be on stage somewhere (either singing my heart out, acting, or dancing), or being a total geek with my friends. My favourite camp activity is without a doubt campfire, because everyone always has so much fun. I can’t wait to see many of you at camp this summer!

Henry – Cabin Leader

This will be my second summer coming up to Evans lake as a Cabin Leader but my 10th summer coming to camp. Camp is my second home and the adventures it brings keep me going all through the rest of the year. My favourite camp activity is overnight hikes because they really give you hands-on experience in the outdoors and views you get can’t anywhere else.  When I am not at camp I’m usually playing rugby or throwing the Frisbee!  

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