Leadership Camp (14-16 yrs)


 ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’ – Evans Lake Summer Camp

Must be 14 -16 years.

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Evans Lake Summer Camp’s Leadership program is for campers who are interested in developing their leadership skills, while enjoying summer camp at the Evans Lake. We are proud to offer two different Leadership programs this summer, taught by our dedicated Leadership Instructors. Both programs focus on communication skills, growing self-confidence in yourself and others, event planning, self-reflection and team dynamics. There is also opportunity throughout the week to work alongside counselors and their cabin group. Our Leadership program is divided into two distinct courses, Leadership Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Team-building Skills. These two courses can be completed in any order to receive the Evans Lake Leadership Certificate.

Program Topics Include:

  • Group processes: what is a leader, leader roles and group dynamics.
  •  Self-Awareness: values, goal setting and evaluating
  •  Communication: expression, body language and listening
  • Planning: problem solving, delegation and motivation
  •  Safety: assessment, forethought and physical and emotional danger recognition.
  •  Interpersonal Skills: trust, honesty, inclusion and positive reinforcement.
  • Stress: identification, cause, coping and prevention
  • Entertaining: songs, stories and games

A) Leadership Interpersonal Skills

Leadership A focuses on communication and teaching styles. You’ll split your time between leadership sessions with the Instructor and time in a cabin observing the dynamics between the campers, as well as between the campers and their cabin leader. You’ll gain experience by working alongside the cabin leader in providing support for the cabin. The insights you gain will help you when it comes time to plan, coordinate and execute the Evans Lake Aroo Games, an afternoon where the camp’s programming is run by our Leadership Team.

B) Leadership Team-Building Skills

A leader is only as good as the team he or she can assemble around them. In Leadership B, you will focus on teambuilding, team development and leadership in action. Get ready to get your hands dirty as you strengthen the bonds between you and your fellow leaders-in-training with an offsite expedition where you will rely on each other to make it to the finish. You’ll report back regularly to your Leadership Instructor as you integrate yourself with one cabin and build rapports with the campers. These relationships will help you ultimately take charge of the cabin when you lead them through the final day’s Aroo-Games.

The Leadership Program is often the first step toward volunteer and staff positions at Evans Lake.

Space for this program is extremely limited, make sure you register early!

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