1. Is there a lifeguard when swimming?

Yes. During programs that are run by our association we require one lifeguard (over the age of 19) for every 40 swimmers.

2. Who teaches canoeing?

During programs run by our association we require an adult supervisor and the instructor must be adequately trained. Our summer camp staff are trained at the begining of each year.  All participants always wear a PFD while in and around the canoes.

3. Does someone sleep in the cabins with the campers?

Every cabin has 1 cabin leader that works with the campers during the day, and sleeps in the cabin with the campers at night.

4. Can we bring some of our own food?

No, please do not bring food to camp as it could be problematic for other campers with severe food allergies. We are also a peanut and tree nut free zone. All meals are provided by our kitchen team.  Food left in cabins attracts wildlife. During Summer Camp, food brought up by campers will be taken away upon arrival.

5. What happens if something goes wrong in the middle of the night?

The cabin leader that is staying in the cabin is the first to deal with a situation. If additional help is needed, instructors are sleeping only a few meters away from all of the cabins.  We have clear emergency procedures which all staff receive training for.

6. How far is camp to medical facilities?

The Squamish General Hospital is located just 20 kilometers away. If there is an emergency, an ambulance can come directly into camp. There is also a medical clinic in Squamish for minor injuries.

7. Are there any wild animal problems?

No. But because we live in the forest there is always an opportunity that an animal may be seen. Camp staff are trained in dealing with all the wildlife and we take many preventative measures to assure your safety.

8. What happens in an emergency?

The Evans Lake staff has special training and procedures to follow during an emergency. Our staff will help make sure everyone is safe.

9. What is your age group policy?

Campers are welcome to join a camp session as long as they turn the listed age group within the calendar year (ie. a 12 year old child with a birthday in December would be able to do OAK, and Teen Camp this summer, as they turn 13 this year)

10. What should I bring to Camp/ What should I pack?

This is a list of suggested items that campers should bring in order to have a fun, safe and comfortable camp experience.

Camper Should Bring:

Sleeping bag
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Bath towel
Adequate pairs of socks & underwear
1 pair light runners
1 additional pair of shoes (sandals, runners)
2-3 pairs shorts 
2-3 pairs long pants 
3-4 light-weight shirts or
t-shirts Long-sleeved shirt
Swimsuit and towel
Warm sweater
Rain jacket
Water bottle
Sunscreen – not suntan lotion


Lock (with 2 keys)
Insect repellant
Hiking backpack

Please Do Not bring: 
Electronics (Cellphones, ipods)
Very expensive or hard to replace items,
Food items (including gum)

These are our Frequently Asked Questions about our Summer Camp Program only.  These do not represent what happens during a group rental.  The Evans Lake Summer Camp program and facility is fully accredited by the BC Camps Association and maintains high standards of excellence for service and care.

If you have a question that does not appear below, please email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.


Included in the price of registration is the transportation to Evans Lake from three locations in the lower mainland and one location in Squamish. Please arrive at the designated bus pick up point, with at least 15 minutes prior to the times noted:

Old Yale Rd School Patterson Skytrain Station Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal Sea to Sky Hotel
10135-132 St Surrey Burnaby Horseshoe Bay 40330 Tantalus Way-Squamish
Summer to Camp 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Summer fromCamp 5:30PM 5:00PM 4:30PM 3:30 PM
Winterto Camp 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Winter fromCamp 3:30PM 3:00PM 2:30PM 1:30 PM


If you are going to be late, or need a last minute check-in around transportation please email  These emails are checked regularly and responded to very quickly.  If you wish to contact someone by phone, please call the office at 604-294-2267.

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